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When it comes to your vehicle’s transmission, any service, repair or replacement is best left to specialists. As an accredited transmission repair facility located in Medicine Hat, S&E Automotive Ltd completes rebuilds and repairs to manual and automatic transmissions.

To keep your transmission operating at peak performance and to extend its lifetime, we recommend having regular maintenance completed. When we work on your transmission, we go beyond the basic fluid and filter changes; we will:

Manual & Automatic Transmission Repair Services


When your transmission is ready for a repair, rebuild or replacement, you can depend on top-notch service at S&E Automotive Ltd. Our mechanics take exceptional pride in their workmanship and personally invest in each and every job. We are an accredited repair shop, which means your vehicle’s warranty will remain intact and you won’t have to pay high fees like you would through your dealership. Services are available for:

Let’s get you back on the road — call S&E Automotive Ltd to schedule a transmission repair, replacement or service.

What is a Transmission?

It is your transmission’s job to make sure the right amount of power is transferred to your wheels in order for it to drive at a certain speed. To put it simply, the transmission transmits energy from the source of energy, whether it’s a gas engine or battery, to the driveshaft, which rotates the wheels.

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