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Your timing belt and related hoses are crucial to keeping the engine, air conditioning, charging and cooling systems performing smoothly and efficiently. At the Medicine Hat auto repair shop of S&E Automotive Ltd, we have a trained, certified staff of technicians to provide comprehensive belt and hose repair and maintenance services.

What sets S&E Automotive Ltd apart from our competitors? Our accredited repair facility seeks to provide the best service quality — without exception. This means getting every detail right and taking immense pride in our workmanship.

Timing Belt Replacement Services

Our belt and hose repair services include:

Putting Your Safety First

When it comes to completing auto repairs, S&E Automotive Ltd always seeks to put the safety of our customers first. This means being honest, open and transparent about voicing our concerns to our customers. After performing a complete inspection, we will give you a rundown of the repairs we recommend and show you the areas on your vehicle that are in need of work. We will also provide you with a free estimate for any issues that we come across during the inspection, and before any work begins.

As an accredited repair facility, S&E Automotive Ltd helps you maintain your auto warranty without having to pay the large dealership fees.

Book an Appointment

To get started on your timing belt replacement or repair, call S&E Automotive Ltd, or complete an online quote request.

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